Maritime Industrial Services Arabia Co. Ltd.
Business Activities
Fabrication of Static Process Equipment
Operational & Maintenance Services
Process Skid Packages
Operational & Maintenance Services
  • EPC/LSTK Modification / Re vamp Projects. 
  • LSTK in plant & plant to plant pipeline construction. 
  • Re-tubing / Repair of High Pressure Boilers / Furnaces / Heat Exchangers / Condensers. 
  • Repair / Refurbishment of Storage Tanks.
  • PWHT Services (Rapid Heat System/ Localized). 
  • General Machining Services. Operation and Maintenance Contracts and Services. 
  • Weld Overlay Services (304L, Monel, Inconel etc.). 
  • Repair of Valves, Tanks, Flare Stacks/ Tips. Land Rigs Refurbishment. 
  • Repair and Manufacture of Drilling Equipment, Tools, and Tubular Products. 
  • Supply of Professional Staff and Skilled Craftsmen.



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